Conservation Framing

Minimum Standard

Portico offers conservation methods as standard, creating a stable environment for your artwork.  All materials either in direct contact with artwork or even within the sealed frame itself are acid-free. Acid-free barrier paper is used to separate your piece from the backing board and all hinging and finishing tape is acid free.

Conservation framing techniques are also utilised when mounting and framing textiles and fabrics.  We take great care to attach fabric securely to an acid-free foam core, enabling the art to be well supported. This technique is also completely reversible in the future. When applicable, the mounted art is then spaced away from the glazing to allow air to circulate freely.

Portico Conservation Options


Damage from UV light sources impairs colour and clarity in art work and also decreases its value, so glazing choice is extremely important. We offer a variety of glazing products to suit your needs:

Conservation glass

The use of UV screening, or “conservation glass”, is the basis for the best protection for artwork. Conservation glass will block 99% of art damaging UV light.

Art glass

Art Glass has the same properties as Museum glass. This almost invisible glass product embodies the same UV-blocking as Conservation glass as well as providing non-glare properties for maximum clarity and conservation.

We can also replace broken glass in frames and upgrade glass in frames from Standard glass to Conservation or Art glass.

Mount board

Mount board is an important aspect of conservation framing.   We offer a large selection of 100% rag mats, acid-free mounts and fabric covered mounts including our stunning silk covered range. We cut stylish double thickness mounts in a variety of neutral tones as well as multiple opening mounts for photo or picture montages.

Hinging (Securing) Artwork

Most artwork needs to be secured inside its frame.  We utilise conservation framing components like 100% acid-free tape and materials to hinge (or adhere) artwork. While many works may be hinged with acid-free, pressure sensitive tape, we also offer museum hinging using genuine rice paper.